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KAEGAN honored as Top 100 Companies for Working Families in Central Florida

KAEGAN Corporation was awarded the honor of being recognized in the Orlando Sentinel’s Top 100 Companies for Working Families in […]

November 26th, 2013

KAEGAN supports Adaptive Training for Combat Information Center (ATCIC)

The ATCIC (Adaptive Training for Combat information Center) program objective is to design individual and team-based adaptive training technologies for […]

August 16th, 2013

KAEGAN supports Basic Electronics and Electricity Tutorial Learning Environment (BEETLE)

The BEETLE platform is an intelligent tutoring system that has the ability to communicate with participants via text and speech.    […]

January 8th, 2013

Conning Officer Virtual Environment (COVE)

   A Navy Conning Officer is the most junior officer in the bridge and is in training to become Officer of the Deck.  Originally conceived in 2000 as a Research and Development (R&D) effort COVE has grown into  an extensible ship handling simulator primarily used at the Surface Warfare Officers School (SWOS). Now  COVE trainers can be found in many different locations such as; Naval Special Warfare Center (NSWC) in  Panama City, Littoral Combat Ship Based Training Facility in San Diego, and at the Surface Warfare  Officers School (SWOS) in Rhode Island. 

The COVE (Conning Officer Virtual Environment) program is a PC-Based maritime training simulator for navigation, seamanship and ship handling.  The trainer can be used as a stand-alone individual trainer, single ship bridge team trainer, and an integrated multi-ship team trainer.  With integrated technology the trainer offers 360 degree out the window display, tactical and emulated hardware and speech recognition.

KAEGAN currently provides Program Management, Sr. Systems Engineering, and Visual System Acquisition support to the COVE program.  Program Management support involves preparing and coordinating IPT meetings, reviewing financial status reports, and reviewing and accepting CDRL(s).  Systems Engineering support involves assisting with the development of acquisition strategies, creating acquisition documents, and performing testing on the trainer.  Visual Systems support involves the development and quality control of the harbor data bases.  This includes creating the models that are used in the simulation such as; Navy ships, aircrafts and actual harbors images.

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