Quality Assurance Program

We believe that KAEGAN’s primary SeaPort-e responsibility is to ensure that all projects we complete meet or exceed our customer’s requirements. Each team member has established quality control programs that will be followed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We recognize that quality is not something that can be added after the fact but must be integral to our daily processes. As a result, we have established and follow a number of internal processes that lead to delivery of quality services to our customers.

Our Team’s project management methodology is straightforward and based on Government approved program management techniques. Our managers adhere to sound management principles of applied discipline and attention to detail for each effort in order to track and meet cost, schedule and performance standards. Our PMs will be empowered to make decisions about their projects and have direct access to senior management for quick high-level decision-making capability.

Upon receipt of Task Orders our team begins final planning in preparation for execution. Key events include the PM and respective support staff conducting a detailed review of the Task Orders management and technical requirements to identify and accommodate any negotiated changes to our initial Task Order proposal. Once work begins, the PM directs and controls the activities by performing:

  • Technical: – Track task progress and status regarding technical performance, man-hours, and cost; measure task performance, diagnose problems, and diagnose risk triggers; initiate corrective action as necessary, such as revise plans, redirect technical efforts, and implement risk mitigation plans; control change.
  • Schedule – review program schedule and diagnose problems; initiate corrective action as necessary, such as reallocate resources, reschedule, or reprioritize.
  • Cost – track costs by task and diagnose problems; initiate corrective action as necessary, reallocate resources, revise staffing, or reprioritize.

The KAEGAN Team’s Performance Metrics track direct labor costs, subcontract costs, travel costs, materials and services, and employee incentives/awards. These metrics are monitored throughout SeaPort-e performance and reported with each appropriate Certificate of Completion.